Question Kingston KVR/KCP compatibility with MSI GL63 8RC

Apr 6, 2020
Hi All,

I am looking to upgrade my RAM capacity, at the moment I am using 4GB 2667MHz DDR4. I bought a Kingston KCP426ND8/16 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 288pin, I was informed that the laptop that I am currently using is not compatible due to latency/frequency difference and was directed to use Kingston KVR version instead (not instock).

I would like to know, is the frequency/latency difference incompatible with my laptop or my existing RAM? If so, if I were to remove my existing RAM, will I be able to use the KCP version of the RAM?

Members kind feedback is greatly appreciated.

Apologies in advance since English is not my first language 🙏
Who told you that it would be incompatible? If you already have it, I would simply try it. If you haven't purchased it, I would look for the exact same module as you currently have if you plan to run them together.