Question Kink/Bend in Cat7 cabel

That is pretty minor. This is partially why I don't use cat7 cables. They are really too stiff and cat7 provides no real benefit over cat6a.

You can't tell by looking at it and really the only way to test it is with a meter no home user can afford.

Does it connect an run at 10gbit. Generally a bad cable will not connect at higher speeds many times only connection at 100mbit or not connecting at all.

If you do not have 10gbit equipment then maybe just replace it with a cat5e cable if you are concerned. There is no benefit using better cable when you are only running 1gbit.
Aug 6, 2020
Thanks for replying! It connects to a 1gbit, only using it because I got it for free at work, so you dont think there would be any problem? Its not going below 100mb/s atm.
It likely is fine. Most times the cable is damaged internally with no mark on the outside. Again only very expensive meters can tell if the cable still meets certifications.

It is actually very hard to damage a ethernet cable just by bending it...unless you do it over and over. Fiber patch cords is a much different story. Your just wrap that around your finger and it cracks it internally.