Know where I can buy a Asus P5B-E 1.02G?


Jan 31, 2007
I talked to a Newegg rep and they said they didnt have them nore had they ever had any. That was on 2/10/2007. I Googled. I Froogled. No 1.02g. I am beginning to think they are Reviewer-Only boards that they send out to get good review with since reviews have had them for months but no store seems to have them.

For those that don’t know about the 1.02g: The first version of the P5B-E board is 1.01g. It has a limit of 2.1 volts for DDR memory which limits what RAM you can run and puts a big limit on overclocking even though this board is marketed as an overclocker’s board. You may have seen many reviews of this board showing that it has great OC potential. Problem is that these reviews are using the second version of the board 1.02g which I am finding impossible to buy. So I am thinking that it is only available to reviewers.

Someone prove me wrong please.


Jan 9, 2007
I can prove you wrong. I bought a P5B-E on 2/8/07 from Newegg. It arrived yesterday. I said a little prayer as I opened the package, and lo and behold it was the 1.02g!

I will try to get a pic up soon if you are skeptical... I was pretty surprised after reading all of the forums lately.

BTW, I haven't had any time to fiddle with it yet, but it seems to be running Vista premium stable with a e6600 at stock, 2gb corsair xms ddr2 800.