Question knowing for sure that the "SpectrumWifi Plus" network isn't an evil twin?

Oct 22, 2020
I don't use my computer away from home that often. And for the first time today, I began connecting to a Spectrum Hotspot, on a Laptop. (Laptop, not smartphone)

Where I was had both incarnations of Spectrum Hotspots, regular SpectrumWifi (which leads to opening a webpage with login credentials to your Spectrum account), and SpectrumWifi Plus, which doesn't open a webpage, but instead immediately prompts via a dialog box for username and password upon choosing "connect to this wifi"

For the "regular" Spectrum Wifi, since it opens up a webpage, I can click on the padlock and view the certificate of that login page, so I know that the login page asking me for my Spectrum credentials really is Spectrum. So I felt more or less OK connecting there.

But the SpectrumWifi Plus, where it goes straight from clicking "connect to this network" to prompting in a dialog box for credentials made me think to myself, 'wow, if this were an evil twin, this would be a GREAT way to get my credentials.

So how DO you know for sure it's not an evil twin, under that second (SpectrumWifi Plus) scenario? (I realize in that case, it almost certainly was legit, since the regular SpectrumWifi option was, but still, is there a way to tell with certainty?)

Thanks in advance
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