Kodak software



hellow i have easy share M530 how can i download kodak software, cos i want to transfer my picture into computer



I wouldn't count on it badge, it's a Kodak, they don't seem to like working without their software, I solved the problem with my friends by taking out the memory card and sticking it in my card reader.
Having said that he may be able to get Vista compatible software from Kodak.
I love Canon, the software works great but if you don't have it, Windows picks it up as another usb drive.
Hi Jonmor68. We use a Kokak camera in ourt main clinical photography lab. We dont use a stitch of Kodak software. Just plug it into the USB and load the pictures into a file then photoshop them. I am also a fan of Canon products. We have so much office equiptment we have used over the years from so many vendors. Before digital cameras became useful to us we used a couple of Minolta cunits with a close up clinical lens attached to a long black bellows. My wife was a professor at Wash U. when she purchased her first minolta clinical closeup camera. She has billions and billions of slides she to back then to teach her courses. We still have those two Minolta cameras with the long black bellows. I keep them with my '38 Martin. Next to my '60 Ted Williams .12 gauge auto. 8)