[SOLVED] Kolink Observatory Lite: fan questions

Dec 13, 2020
I'm looking for a case and I have never had RGB before. If I get this case, how can I add or replace fans?

The pre-installed fans and the RGB controller seem to have a proprietary 6 pin connector. If I want to add fans, or a fan breaks and needs replacing, I'd need to
  1. find a Kolink 6 pin fan which is probably impossible to find, or
  2. buy a regular fan (4 pin + 3 pin ARGB) and that fan 's RGB will be out of sync with the other fans because it cannot connect to the Kolink RGB controller, or
  3. toss all the fans out, toss the Kolink RGB controller out, and get all new fans and a new RGB controller?
Am I understanding this correctly, or am I missing something?

Also, is it true that the fans cannot be controlled by software/mainboard but only by the remote control that comes with the case?