Question Kraken x62 Fans Loud until open up CAM + other sound issue


Sep 4, 2016
Hi all. I don't post much here, but I just built a new PC about a month ago and I'm having a very annoying issue. The PC is an x299 build, with a asus rog x299 rampage vi extreme, i9-7900x and kraken x62 aio cooler. Up until I launch the NZXT CAM software (which is used to customize fan speeds/colors, etc) the radiator fans run in "performance mode". They are loud, as if they are doing some intensive task that they clearly aren't doing. The moment the Cam software opens, the fans go in Silent mode, and are a lot quieter. I'm trying to figure out why the cooler fans default to performance mode speeds and only quiet down when I open up the software. I built a PC for my gf sometime ago with the same cooler and hers is quiet as a mouse and I've only ever opened up the CAM software once to change the pump colors.

I also have another related issue. Once I open up CAM, the cooler fans quiet down, but then theres another loud sound I keep hearing but I can't seem to trace it. I hear it around the hard drives if i open it up and put my ears to it. Is it the fan thats right behind them? One of the HDDs I notice runs hot (it's 4 hdds running in a storage pool). What's crazy is that once the hdds fall asleep, the whole PC goes incredibly quiet! Like so quiet you wouldn't know it's on. This is how it I'd like it to be all the time as it is with gf's PC (even when gaming), but for me it only happens when the HDDs fall asleep and the CAM software is open and on Silent mode.

What could the problem be? Did I connect something wrong? Help please, I'm going nuts over this.