Question Kraken x72 fans not working

Sep 10, 2019
Today I did first my build. Did everything by book, all seems to work except CPU FANs. When I turn on PC FANs don't move.

My motherboard is Asus Rog Strix x570-e Gaming
Please review all your connections.
1, From the pump unit there is a multi-headed cable with three connections to be made.
(a) connect the wide one to a SATA power output from the PSU for system power.
(b) connect the small female connector with 3 holes to the CPU_FAN header so the pump speed can be reported there.
(c) Connect all three rad fans to the FIRST three male output connectors from the pump's fan splitter cable. Do NOT connect these to a mobo fan header.
2. Connect a separate cable from a socket on the side of the pump to a mobo USB2 header. This is how the NZXT CAM software utility communicates with the X72 system to control it all.

Then you must download and install the CA software utility on your system. Use this configure and observe the X72 system operations.