Question Kstar UA200 (2000v/1200w) UPS fan always on and noisy at that


Aug 21, 2017
Please help me understand what's going on with my UPS.
This is the product link: I got the 2000v/1200w model.

It's just annoying that the fan gets very loud (I didn't measure, but annoying loud), louder than my system unit fans.

I know its primary job is to cool down its own system, but I'm living in a climate with approx 16-28deg celsius. I don't think that's hot. And it's in an open space.

The fan turns on by random. sometimes when I'm in the middle of playing a game, sometimes during idle, and sometimes even when I just turn on my PC after hours of sleep.

Yes, it turns off but itself too, but probably after more than an hour or more. I also try to touch it, sometimes it's on even when it's not that warm at all!

I also have that good habit of turning off UPS when not in use for hours.

No power fluctuations lately as well. I just bought this like 2-3months ago.

Is there something I could do with this fan? it's just loud and I don't like it.

Thanks for your help.


Can you please state the specs to your build and what's tethered to the UPS? You could look into swapping the fan out for one made by Noctua but I think there might be dust or debris build up inside the UPS if it's been in use for a while. Could you elaborate on where the UPS is located and how it's receiving air to cool the innards? Pictures would help us two fold.