Question KVM/Docking Station

Oct 6, 2022

Hoping to get a nudge in the right direction from one of the local experts on this forum. Here's my situation:

- In my home office I have a laptop that is issued by my employer, and then I also have my personal laptop. Unfortunately, I can't get away from needing both of them. The work laptop is exclusively for work. The personal laptop is for everything else. Having the two together is getting to be a drag, as they are taking up way too much space. I want to maximize the available real estate on my desk by eliminating redundant peripherals and sharing via a KVM switch and/or a docking station. It is going to have to be a physical switch because I do not have administrator rights to install virtual KVM software on my work laptop.

- I am looking to set up 4 monitors. I would like to have one monitor directly connected to each of the laptops, acting as the "home" display for that machine. I would like to have the other two monitors connected to both laptops via the KVM so that I can toggle those displays back & forth the same way that I toggle the keyboard/mouse.

- I already have all of the hardware in question, minus the KVM/docking station. I do actually have a docking station issued by my employer, but it does not appear to me to be intended for use with multiple machines, and it does not include a KVM function (it's a Targus USB-C Display Port model DOCK430 if that makes any difference). I am hoping to find a way to connect all of these devices up without having to replace any of them, and I'm hoping that I can do so by just purchasing one single docking station/KVM device. This is where I need your help.

Is there a specific model of docking station/KVM that I should look at that will enable this? Is there another way of making this work that I might not have considered? Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.





First lets see what both laptops have for output it can be VGA, HDMI, Display port.

I use a duel kvm switch for my win10 and Linux box which uses one keyboard and mouse and monitor. though I do not think you will get a home display that you are describing. Though you can switch between both laptops as I do with my desktops. And the last issue will be the graphics card on the laptops how many monitors than can handle. What year they were manufactured can be a important factor. I do not see many VGA KVm switches around these days.

I suggest you read this
connecting 4 monitors

When you are looking for a KVM switch spend more that 20 bucks and read reviews. If I see and reviews in the thousands on a model I do not believe that.


You will need something like the following products (not a recommendation or endorsement):

The starting point is to draw a diagram showing all devices, required connections, ports, plugs, genders, etc..

Use the blue titled diagram and the Before/After diagrams as examples.

Also indicate places where you intend to toggle monitors.

There also may be some software KVM options as well.

As the diagram evolves then look for specific products, cables, adapters, etc. as necessary to make it all work as you require.

Key is careful planning.