Question KVM Switch or not - 2 monitors + 2 laptops

Sep 26, 2022
Hi all,

KVM switches - good or not, necessary or not? I was wondering if you wonderful experts would be able to suggest suitable kit that I might need please?

I would like to have the following setup:
2 x Windows PC laptops (one is an HP Spectre, the other is a Dell)
2 x large monitors
1 x wireless mouse
1 x wireless keyboard
1 x wireless headset
1 x webcam
(I also have a wired broadband connection and the option to have wired or WiFi connection to the printer.)

My plan is hopefully to have the two monitors on my desk, with the smaller laptops on a shelf above. I am looking to switch between work and home laptops - to have laptop 1 on both monitors, switch to laptop 2 on both monitors and then (if possible) use both laptops together at the same time, one on each monitor.

I have been researching various docking stations and KVM switches, but if any of you have any suggestions, ideas or recommendations about this setup that would be FAB!!

Thanks LOADS,



"use both laptops together at the same time, one on each monitor. "

The concept for KVM switches is to allow two computers to share common peripherals (keyboard, mouse, video) but only one computer or the other computer. Not both computers at the same time. Most likely a home computer and work computer. Selected manually via the switch. Could be automatic depending on KVM switch, circumstances and environment.

Reverse KVM allows one computer to use common resources: again: keyboard, mouse, and video/monitor. Likely a work environment where different KVM devices (keyboard, mouse, and video) at different locations are used to control one PC.

Your requirement, as I understand your post, is the need to use KVM, Reverse KVM, and then some sort of addition split KVM.

Keyword: Matrix (maybe.....)

My recommendation is to simplify the requirements.

That said visit or similar manufacturer websites to view KVM related product offerings with regards to your requirements.

Likely there are some suitable products available. However details matter and you will likely need to purchase specific cables for all of the required/desired connection options.

Sketch out a diagram of devices and KVM switch requirements.

Show each required option regarding home computer, work computer, and the "split" to use both as well.

Use google to look for manufacturer diagrams or any other source diagrams that represent your requirements.

Include "matrix" in your search criteria.

What is your budget? Keep in mind that the appropriate switches and cables may become expensive. And cumbersome....

Any acceptable trade-offs?