Question Kyocera printer issue --- printer fault or Windows 10 fault ?


May 10, 2019
Hi all. I really think there should be a dedicated section for printers. The hair pulled out over the years with printer problems could make a toupee for every person in the world.

Anyone one know why my printer prints 5 single page documents from word as if each was being printed separately ie. print one page than print one page....... I select 5 copies but instead of brumm brumm brumm, it's like brumm.........think think think brummm......think think think brummm. I hope you get what I mean. This is a new issue. Read on

I have had Kyocera M5521cdw for about a year now and it has worked on a home network flawlessly for most of that time. Then this...
So that issue seems to be fixed, but I am still having general issues with this printer now. I have had to reinstall drivers a few times now. Both form Kyocera website or just through "Add device" function and all seems to work for a bit and then all of the sudden "error printing" comes up again. This was not an issue for at least the first 8 months. Who knows whats going on?:(
Thanks to any who spend time to read and understand.

P.S There is a old saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I think this applies to knowledge as well.