L90D+ Resolution limitation on DVI?


Feb 25, 2004
This is a strange problem, DO NOT SAY ITS GAME limitations because its not.
Here is the problem: on some games the resolution of 1024x768 is the max showed even though the monitors native is 1280x1024@60hz. However when i plug my VGA back in i get 1280x1024 to show back up. And when i add custom res of 1280x960(i.e. homeworld 2) while using the dvi it also shows up, but it still won't display 1280x1024. This even happened to some new games like BF2 until they came out with the 1.12 patch. Any ideas?
Try updating your drivers. There are limits on DVI, but they shouldn't be non selectable at that resolution. It running 1920x1200 through DVI as we speak...and we're not even speaking.