Lag spikes in games

Unpacking CPU cores won't help with LAG. LAG is a network traffic issue. Reset your router, don't game over wireless, and make sure nobody is streaming.

IF the issue you ACTUALLY meant is FPS drops, what numbers are we talking about? Max, min and average FPS? CPU and GPU load and temperatures? Some drops in certain areas are normal. No game runs at 100% performance 100% of the time.

You can use tools like MSI Afterburner and Fraps (free version) to log your stats. That will help us troubleshoot the problem.


Feb 7, 2017
Hey, defenitly not my network i use cable and get 180mbps and upload is 19 mbps.
Well it's just a lag spike so just a lag for 2 seconds i use CAM from nzxt i get 200 fps or a little bit more max, average is normally between 100 - 200
I dont know why these fps spikes are happening maybe just because gmod and csgo are old games?
In gta 5 i'am experiencing lag spikes when there are explosions happening (not much only a little explosion not like 20 cars 1 car)
I also see that my windows 10 is using the balanced option for energy, do i choose high performance or keep it at balanced?

Thanks again, Jiry