Question Lag spikes + unusually low download speed on just one device.

Jul 17, 2020
Hello everyone,
When I was building my PC, I bent few of the pins (I guess its how it's called, English is not my first language) in the CPU socket, I fixed it and everything was working fine (Except my PC wouldnt turn on with RAM in dual channel slots - DRAM LED was turned on, Im using them next to each other now). I was using the old 10mb/s connection back then, but since few months now I got 100mb/s Fiber. With the old connection everything was fine, the speed was just as it was supposed to be, but since I got fiber my download speed almost didnt increase. My download speed when downloading stuff directly won't go above 4mb/s. I was getting huge lag spikes that would somehow stop after restarting my PC, but now even that does not help. , I'm having lag spikes up to 2000 ping when playing games with nothing running in the background, when doing nothing I'm around 40 ping, but when I'm interacting with other players I'm getting over 500.

  • My laptop is right next to the PC, it works amazing, high download/upload speed (speedtest shows 10x higher download for my laptop), games are working fine with 1080p streams running in the background and it's on the same WiFi connection as my PC.
  • I've formatted my PC several times with no results
  • I've used 3 different internet cards, 2 outer ones (One was USB one I think and one was with antenna I think, I'm not sure) and currently I'm using inner one with two antennas, no difference in performance between them
  • I'm using the newest drivers for TP-LINK TL-WN881ND - my Internet card
  • I have updated the card in device manager as well
So my question is, might the slightly bent pins make a problem here? I'm posting some additional information:

Inssider program scan for my PC - View:

Inssider program scan for my Laptop - View:

IPconfig /all for my PC wireless card - View:

My internet devices - View:

Pinging my router with 720p stream running - View:

PC speedtest - View:

Laptop speedtest - View:

Both test were done to the same IP, its just the site looking different.