Question Lagging on 2nd monitor and some gaming issues


Nov 26, 2018
so, i have a pretty decent PC and its somehow run pretty bad, my rig :
i7-6700 (temp is around 65c ingame)
z170a tomahawk
16GB ddr4 3000mhz corsair vengeance rgb
msi gtx 1070 gaming x (temp is around 68c ingame)
bitfenix 550w 80+ gold
250gb samsung SSD
1tb 7200rpm hdd

theres a couple of problem that i have :

1. whenever i tried to run in dual monitor, my 2nd monitor always have problem running any program (play some videos, googling, or just managing some light folder), whatever i do i got 2-4 second delay, and when i watch youtube it buffers so much, although the white bar (progress bar) already way ahead it just stuck in loading.

2. i tried to get 144fps since i got myself 144hz monitor, but whatever i do my GPU only run my game just at a playable state between 60-90 FPS (PUBG, Dota2, modern warfare, apex legend etc) , and its only 60-70% gpu usage. no fps cap either ingame setting or the nvidia settings. i know my rig wont run it at stable 144fps, but atleast i want it to get it run stable around 120ish fps..

3. in modern warfare, i always got graphic glitch that makes it looks like i run with low of the lowest graphic setting, it almost looks like blocky piece of s**t, its way worse than low setting graphic, and any light source is blinding my eyes like crazy. this only happen if i try to alt-tab or using my 2nd monitor in any way, i know that my graphic card is not broken, bcause it run fine in other games (ffxv, shadow of tomb raider, gta v, and any other AAA game).

thank you in advance for everyone that trying to help me, and feel free to criticize my engrish since i know its pretty bad, :D