[SOLVED] Lagging/Stuttering in Youtube app on Samsung TV ?

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Aug 28, 2021
I know this forum is generally for PC-monitors, but ill give it a shot anyways.

I own a 65 " Samsung TV - This one to be specific: Samsung 65" Q700T 8K UHD QLED Smart-TV QE65Q700TAT (2020 Europe).

When i use a range of streaming services it works flawlessy. With one exception.

Everytime i use YouTubes app it always start to stutter. Its not like a network lag, nor a faulty graphics module. Its more looking like the screen is trying to interpret images between frames and it causes an insane amount of lag. Sometimes it helps to adjust down form 4K to 2K. 2K to 1080p, and 1080p to 720p. In other words, the stuttering happens in all ranges of quality.
Also, the issue seems to present itself when the video has been going for a while, or if the video include slow-mo segments. Ram? Buffering? Bottle-necking? Idk...

I have also done extensive fiddling around in the tv and youtube app settings. I believe this to be a problem with Youtubes app but im not 100% sure. 99% sure though...

To summarize:
  • New TV works 10/10 all the time, except while using Youtubes app - then it stutters like crazy.
  • Not related to bad internet.
  • Not an issue in any other apps.
Ive also posted a video on Youtube where u can hopefully see it (it is most apparent when the dude is tumbling on the shell of the crab) - https://youtube.com/shorts/NCeqyxU6zNs?feature=share

Any help is greatly appreciated.
This may help. With the TV turned on, press and hold the power button on your Samsung TV remote.
Continue holding the power button while the TV powers off and then back on.
You have just cold booted the TV. The memory cache is cleared .
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