Question lagging when gaming

Oct 5, 2019
Hi, I bought my laptop recently and it has a problem playing online games. Specifically, it starts lagging the moment I start a match and the lag happens every few seconds. The ping would jump from 50 to 500 or even a 1000. I have since tried numerous solutions, such as updating my wifi drivers, using another wifi, changing to a usb network adapter, to no avail. The lag seems to persist also in other games, such as csgo, league of legends, etc. Also, it's worth mentioning that my pc had no problem paying these games before so it's not that system requirement issue. Also, my other pc could play the game with no lag when using the same wifi as my pc. My pc is a Lenovo ideapad flex 6-14inches and the internet card is a Realtek 8822be.
First test is always to try a ethernet cable. This quickly lets you know if it is related to the wifi or if it is something else like a issue with your internet connection or maybe the game itself. Could be some patch microsoft put on your machine. But it is a waste of time to chase things like this until you know it is not the wifi.

This is a extremely common issue with wifi. It can work perfectly and then you neighbor buy a fancy tri-band router or a bunch of mesh devices and uses all the radio bandwidth. Online games are much more susceptible to issue caused by interference in wifi than other traffic.
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