Question laggy laptop at school but not at home - please help

Feb 12, 2021
MSI Modern 14 B4MW, Ryzen 5 4500u, 512gb SSD, 8gb ram.
Windows 10.

So during the school day when I turn on my laptop, my laptop will get progressively more laggy until I cant move the mouse on the trackpad and nothing loads. Specifically what happens is that the mouse cursor will not move smoothly and its almost like the trackpad is being turned off for for a split second and then turning back on a few times every second. Then without opening any more tabs or applications within 20 minutes or so it will end up being a brick pretty much that can pretty much never move the mouse using the trackpad and nothing loads etc. Note that this laptop has a new ryzen 5 4500u and all I am opening is google chrome with gmail and google classroom in 2 tabs. This happens regardless of whether I have 1 tab open or 5+ etc. Then as soon as I go home the laptop will be perfectly fast without any lag whatsoever, I am not connected to power in both situations. I even opened a performance intensive game while at home (which is far more load I'm putting on the CPU than if I was at school) to increase the temperature a bit to that of in the middle of the day. Still no lag. Note that I have tried each of the 4 performance modes in windows 10 both at school and at home, no difference. This has me completely stumped and the only potential cause I have in my head is that its something to do with the school network vs anywhere else. The issues I am facing do not seem like they are caused by something like slow internet as my schools internet is pretty much just as fast as my home. My laptop is unusable at school so I would be incredibly thankful if anyone can fix or even diagnose the issue.

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I would contact your your school IT Support and report this and see if they have anything to help you troubleshoot