Question Laggy Warzone , howto fix?

Mar 10, 2021
hello my gtx 1060 , works now for months not more correctly with the newest driver have to take a old driver because
use i the newest i get error Error code nvwgf2umx.dll and the game close

but when i use a old driver the game starts normal and dont die at normal start but the lags still there

and i have random FPS drops like in this video


Things i've tried that hasnt worked for me:
Disable HPET in BIOS Udate Bios (Both GPU and Mobo)
Turned off Xbox/GameDVR in the with REGEdit
Put every setting on Low
Put every setting on Ultra Balanced settings
RTX On and Off Overclock and Stock settings
Changed the config file to use 6, 8 and all 12 cores.
Change videomemory in config file from 0.85 to 0.5 and all other numbers that people say worked for them.
Temps for all components have been safe.
Try Reinstall windows , Try another GPU 3080/ gtx 1060
nearly same fps rate with both card
Deinstall Discord/Geforce Experience
Try 20 Different Nvdia Driver
Change Thermal Paste
Tryd to remove the driver with the Nvidia unistaller

My System:
CPU: Intel W3690 (
Dell Precision T3500 Motherboard
1x 1TB HDD
2x 120GB SSD
1x 120GB SSD - System installed on it
1x Bose Soundbar Soundtouch 400

if would be great if you know a solution , thanks
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Vic 40

The 18gb of ram is an odd number, how many sticks do you use and in what capacities? Can also do the next to show,

download hwinfo,
install and open it=click run,
close the top window which is the system summary,
in the main window at the left top click "save report",
at the bottom of the next window check "Summary for Clipboard",
after that you'll see what's in the pc,
copy by clicking "copy to clipboard" and rightclick+paste in your next respons
Is btw also good for temps,

open hwinfo,
check "sensors-only",
click "run".
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