Lags in Games with a Good PC and Internet.

May 20, 2018
Hello there!
So, for about 20-ish days my games started lagging.
I have 40-50Mbit/s Download.
4-7Mbit/s Upload and 31 ms on a speedtest but games like:
League of Legends , Paladins , Heroes of The Storm even Hearthstone lag!
I also have a great PC:
Nvidia GeForce gtx 1070 Ti
intel-i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz. Windows 10 64-bit.
Im connected wirelessly via a TP-Link TL-WN823N - N300 which worked fine for the past 3 Years. I live in Germany and my internet provider is o2.
I really hope you can help me :D


Check the incoming connections from your ISP. Make sure that all cables are fully and firmly in place.

Disconnect and reconnect to be certain.

Look for signs of damage or corrosion. Hard kinks, nails or staples. rodent chews, water contact.

Consider that there now may be some wireless interference. New network nearby or some other environmental change interfering with transmission.

USB wireless adapter on your computer? Does it feel overly warm or even hot. (Check carefully.) USB wireless adapters tend to fail fairly quickly and heat is a clue that that is happening.

Also, if you have a USB wireless adapter, try using an USB extension cable to raise the adapter up and about. May help counter some local interference or adapter degradation.

If the problems continue, contact o2 - they should be able to run some tests from their end and spot some problem along the way or at their side of your network. May take a few calls.....
Do you have a good idea of the network traffic at the times when latency is high?
See if the game has FPS and latency monitors.
Make sure your issue is actually networking.

Latency comes from maxing out your bandwidth.
Either someone is maxing out your total bandwidth or if your wifi is a bottleneck, it's being maxed there.
If you can log into your router, see if there is a bandwidth monitor. It's not normal to have it maxed all the time.
Is your wifi connection strong? You can check bufferbloat on dslreports