LAN and WAN on same computer


Nov 30, 2012
I am trying to connect to buildings together. Now I have a communications wire and black boxes connecting the two buildings which is very slow. Only one building has an internet connection and stores the server. I was wondering if it is possible if the computers at the building without the server still stay on the LAN but also connects to a WAN that would be installed at the second building? The connection now is painfully slow and we are trying to connect the two buildings with a VPN but the funds are tight. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Sep 29, 2012
Yes if you were to buy both buildings their own internet but you wanted to maintain the same lan network you can make that work. The cheap but labor intensive way is to assign each internet router a different IP in the same subnet. You would then manually set the PC in each building to have a gateway pointing to their corresponding router. To automate it you would need a much more advanced router.

Now if the 2 buildings are on different subnets then you will have to do it a little different but the end design is still the same you manually point to different routers at each location.

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