Sep 17, 2012
I have spent four day's on this issue so it's not a temporary cable issue.

Right now I have two router's
A 2012 apple airport extreme (four day's old) and an Asus 'The Dark Knight' (bought three month's ago)

Starting, I had a wifi issue where most computer's or device's flat out wouldn't connect. Even my LAN administrator PC was going in and out of connecting.
We called Comcast. Who ultimately came, said there was minor cabling issue's, nothing big. Even checked outside neighborhood for squirrel biting, etc...
Later, for verification, I drove to Comcast just to replace the modem.
Since then I have
Bought new cable's
Bought the AEBS
And even switched out the PC's (Win 7 Pro) to see if it was a cabling issue!

With the Airport Extreme Base Station. It's all or nothing. The connection entirely work's usually for 3-4 hour's first time and then everything shut's down with a green light still on and no issue detected. Wifi server's drop and LAN goes out. Upon replugging the power, the connection tend's to then go out at about 30 minute's.
With the Asus Dark Knight, it has worked fine for 3 month's other than for some odd reason the admin computer seem's to be slower than wifi (had same with my Netgear). Upon the issue I replugged it in after the AEBS and it seemed to work overnight but this morning my phone, ipad are 'connected' but with no nothing from the Asus. This is the same issue when it first started. Most device's would see the connection. Then some would say unable to connect while other could and would get nothing. At the same time, the LAN is in a constant 30 second period of 5 seconds saying a dead connection, 5 seconds reconnecting, and 20 seconds of a connection then looping.

I've focused on each point of this:
Home cabling
And now i'm back at a point where I can't debug what the problem is!
The only logical issue is that it's the router's at this point. I frequently LAN with both PC's and never had an issue with how minimum the LAN port is even an issue.
And I just had a top of the line Netgear router crap out on me 3 month's ago when I purchased the Asus.

PS. The Comcast person said there wasn't much radio interference in our area.


Sep 17, 2012

Pure modem, no router built in
Right now, i'm using the Asus Dark Knight. Not plugged into one another.
They are both 4th gen N router's. most up to date router.
Both dual band 802.11n

I had the Apple set up with and without guest network, with the 5ghz specific channel; but I believe a basic channel intuitively decide's whether your device use's one or another. Had wide channeling off and on, changed the sending/range signal's.
Read about the auto channel chooser causing problem's but didn't do anything. And like many Apple product's, not entirely friendly with PC's.
In each of these, I would make one change, leave it be and have the same issue persist.
Also tried both the simple and advanced set up.

The Asus, I mostly left alone. Set up a 2.4 and 5 ghz account. Had QOS settings on. No idea what else. Right now i flat out can't log on as the reconnecting reset's the process. Will reinstall software soon.