LAN boot ROM causing trouble


Mar 25, 2007
so i was trying to optimize the BIOS on my DFI Infinity 975x with the goal of reducing the boot time. One of the settings i changed was "Disable LAN boot ROM", but afterwards when i tried starting windows, it just crashes as soon as it gets to the XP loading screen. Now i cant imagine why XP would need that enabled, seeing as how im simply booting from a local hard drive and not through the network. Does anyone know whats up with this?


Aug 29, 2006
You're saying that the option was enabled by default? That's really weird. Go back to the BIOS and reset to default settings and see what that does. Once you get things going, change only one setting at a time, boot into Windows and see how it goes. If all is well, change another setting (yeah- that's a lot of work, I know).

Something else to consider to to flash your BIOS to the latest version. If it already has it, flash it again (or even try to flash to an earlier version (maybe the newest version has a bug in it)).