Question LAN download speed falls but Wifi doesnt?


Apr 14, 2018
Ok this is weird

When connected via LAN cable to the router, the download speed falls (from ~100MBps to 20MBps) after 2 mins of usage. Note that ping and upload speeds do not fall.

When compared this to a wireless connection to the same router, the download speed stays normal (~100MBps).

Some observations, i tested this on 2 systems ensuring its either a router or LAN cable problem. LAN connection IS capable of giving me 100MBps when i restart my router, even tho its for 5 mins only. I did factory reset my router and saw no changes.

Is there any router tweaks that i gota do? Should i replace my router? or my LAN cable?

UPDATE - actually checked with another LAN cable, same slow speed results. Now that i know the problem is 100% with my router, do you think mac IP binding might help?
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I doubt your router have the ability to bind a ip to a mac on ethernet but even if it could problems like that don't cause slowness it does not work at all.

With a router your only real option it to buy a different one. You could try a firmware update. It is highly unlikely this problem is a router issue. Now the one exception might be if you are running bit torrent for downloads that can exhaust the router memory if you have it set with too many sessions.

Before you start buying new routers I would try to see what transfer rates are between your machines. If you already have file sharing setup you could watch the resource monitor network tab and see how fast you can copy files inside your house. A better tool though i called IPERF. It is a old line mode tool that you run on both machines. It should get over 900mbps in both directions. If all this looks good then I guess you could consider a new router...again a router failure is very rare.