LAN internet connection disconnecting after connecting WAP


Dec 15, 2011
Hello All,

I have a very interesting problem, that I cannot figure out at all after trying test after test. The problem in a nutshell:

I connect a wireless access point to our network and within 10-15 minutes any wired LAN users internet connection goes down, yet the wireless internet works fine.

Here is how our small business network is setup:

1. We have a Server 2000 that serves as our companies domain controller and DHCP (I know, I know..dated). We also have another server on our network, which is a Server 2003, which is primarily a backup domain to our Server 2000 and hosts Quickbooks that our employees use and a small intranet website via ISS. We are connected to a router from our ISP with a gateway IP of Our ip address structure is and subnet is
2. I have configured the AP to be just that, an access point to broadcast wirelessly and made sure that DHCP is turned off on the router. I set it to a static ip of and subnet of and our default gateway of Once I connect it, everything works fine for about 20-30 minutes, then our LAN internet goes down. The Wireless G access point that I am using is a TP-Link Model TL-WA501G.

My question is, how does the WAP know that our server is the DHCP? And are the wired LAN people getting disconnected because of a DHCP fighting issue between the WAP and our server 2000? I'm not a network engineer but know enough, but this problem is really baffling me. Thanks for any help!



look at the dhcp leases on the server and see if you have any bad leases. Also check the server logs for any errors.
On a computer that quits working, try pinging the gateway or another computer. Also check ipconfig /all and see what IP it has.
Make sure the router connected to the ISP has it's DHCP server turned off also. Also check the 2003 server and make sure DHCP is not running on it.
I am assuming everything works fine if you don't connect the WAP?