Question LAN on Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7

Oct 29, 2021
Can the 2 LAN ports be used to connect a second PC to my home LAN? Am not a gamer, just want to know if the 2nd LAN port can act as sort of a hub for another computer.



Normal home LAN's are generally physically set up according to the following line diagram.

----> Representing an Ethernet cable.,

ISP === Coax, DSL, fiber ===> Modem ------>[WAN Port] Router [LAN ports] -----> wired devices and ~~~> wireless devices.

Modem and router may be combined.

There could also be patch panels and wall jacks involved along the Ethernet cable paths.

So if your router has 4 LAN ports then you certainly can plug in another wired device into a working LAN port.

And that wired device can be/could be a hub or switch that provides additional LAN ports to connect other wired devices.

So you could have Router [LAN Port} ------>[LAN port} Hub/Switch {LAN port] -----> 2nd PC plus 3rd, 4th, etc. depending on the number of available ports. Usually in multiples of 4.

And/or just configure other wireless devices to join your home network. Wired is certainly preferred.

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Google "Home network diagrams".

Also check the applicable User Guide/Manual (s) applicable to your home network devices. Likely that there will be some more specific diagrams available along with configuration instructions for devices such as routers, access points, switches, etc..

Just remember that simplicity is to be preferred. For example use a long Ethernet cable if at all possible instead of adding another devices such as a switch or hub.

Sketch out your plan before buying anything or running cables.