Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62 and it's fans


Nov 27, 2009
I'm hearing all the fans on the case are 3 pin? does the ga ep45 ud3r have the capability to fit them all, and the case only come with 1 3pin to 4 pin thing? i'm wondering if this anything extra i have to buy to be able to plug the fans in
You will have to go to Gigabyte's web site and see if you can locate the owner's manual for the motherboard. Manuals usually have a diagram that show the location and type of motherboard fan connections. The number of fan connections on a motherboard vary. Again, you will have to check the manual.

Fan connections on motherboards may be either 3 or 4 pin connections. You can use a 3 pin fan power cable with a 4 pin fan connection on the motherboard.

Modern cases come with quite a few fans. It is not unusual for a case to have more fans that there are connections on a motherboard. The extra fans can be connected directly to a power supply by means of a fan cable adapter that converts a 3 or 4 pin fan connector into a 4 pin molex connector. You can even daisy chain the fans and connect them to a single connection on the power supply.
naf456 - Yes . You can daisy chain the fans and run them with just one power supply connection. That's what I usually wind up doing if there are not enough connections on the motherboard. Running several fans from one motherboard connection is not recommended.