Question Landline phone socket replacement


Jun 13, 2015
Hi, I have some issues with my phone/internet and I'm not very familiar with the hardware involved. In my living room I have a square socket built in to the wall. Going into there I have a splitter which directs one side to my landline telephone and one to my router/modem. The connection going into the socket has always been quite loose, requiring a massive wooden speaker to hold the cable in tight enough for it to get a connection. Recently we can't get a connection unless you push in the cable with all your strength (wooden speaker no longer works). I have moved the phone and hub upstairs just so I can get internet back but it is an unsuitable place for other residents to actually access the phone. I would like to replace the faulty socket but I'm not sure what type I need as they all look the same. I have attached a picture. It has been in the house for over 20 years so I don't know if they have changed much since those times. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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I am going to guess you live in the UK at least it looks like the jacks used there.

I would take the screws out and look at the wires just so you know how they are connected. You should be able to get a new face plate for the box at a local home improvement store.

There generally is not much to them. You unscrew the wires and screw them on the same positions on the new jack. Some of the very new ones use a punch down tool but most the replacement kits have a plastic thing to push the wires in.
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