Lapping TRUE. worth it?


Dec 7, 2008
i see on the main sticky it only dropped about 3C. is that worth the time and the effort? i currently ordered

w/ 2

(yes a noise machine!) lol

which will be in tomorrow.

but is 3C really worth the hours of work? im only planning on OCing to 3.2-3.6ish depending on temps. running:

antec 1200
asus p6t deluxe
i7 920
6 gig of Gskill

openions please.
That's a good question!

I lapped my heatsink and my cpu and used a high quality thermal compound. There was a drop in temperatures as expected. I just wanted to see if I could do it. My temps were well within operating range and quite respectable before lapping because of other steps I had taken to improve ventilation, airflow, and cooling.

And now for a healthy dose of reality! I am not a hardcore gamer and I am not into serious overclocking. In fact, for what I do with my pc I can't even justify upgrading from a dual core to a quad core system. Lapping was a pleasant diversion that provided a sense of personal satisfaction. I am able to say "I did it". In that respect it was worth it.
Depends. If you are also lapping CPU then you might get about 6-8C or more gain. But just lapping the HSF isn't going to make much of a difference. Any ways, if lapping use some shaving creme instead of water (seriously) I have found that this saves more sand paper and gives a smoother surface, just clean it off with alcohol after using shaving creme.


Feb 13, 2009
Because of the deep machining marks on a TRUE, i think it would make more of a difference on a TRUE than most any other HSF.