[SOLVED] Laptop audio jack not working with any headphones

Sep 27, 2019
I was using my laptop with headphones for the majority of the day fine, then went for away for a hour or two. When I came back to my laptop, which I left one with audio still playing, I closed the lid and carefully moved it to another spot in the house to continue using it. All of the sudden, audio would not come through the headphones when I reopened it.

Audio comes through the speakers fine and in the sound menu, the Realtek Audio driver recognizes audio is being played when the headphones are in, but no audio makes it to my ears. The headphones I was originally using works in my phone and other audio devices just fine and I have tried plugging multiple headphone's into the laptop all with the same result. Now when I plug in any headphones, I get half a second of audio before it cuts out. I have turned off the Realtek Audio Console's jack detection which didn't work as well.

I have uninstalled the Realtek Audio drivers and reinstalled them. I have also restarted my laptop multiple times. I am assuming that the issues is damages internal hardware, but I figured I would ask here before bring the laptop in to get it checked.

Laptop: MSI GS65 Stealth Thin
Headphones: The ones that come with Samsung's' S10, Old Apple ones.


If the headphones worked prior to this post, then it's possible either the OS ended up being corrupt, the drivers went awry or the port might be damaged. Might want to see if your laptop has any BIOS updates pending. You can then try and look at which version for Windows 10 you're currently on. Might want to manually uninstall the audio drivers and manually reinstall all drivers meant for your laptop using an elevated command,

i.e Right click installer > Run as Administrator

and see if that changes your issue. Then try and perform n update for the OS.