Question Laptop backpack for the occasional traveler


Dec 4, 2020
hi all,

first i wanted to say thanks to everyone for donating your time and knowledge to help out others. its highly appreciated and not taken for granted!
i need a new laptop backpack and thought i might get useful advice here.

the facts:
  1. i use a 15" macbook pro and an 11" ipad pro
  2. i travel several times a year, mostly on business, to conferences, meetings etc.
  3. my travels usually include flights, mostly international
  4. will use also to commute to the office from time to time
  5. beyond the laptop and ipad, i take with me various chargers, charging blocks, earphones, pens, keys, passport, advil, candy, etc.
my preferences:
  1. high end premium and smart design and construction
  2. professional feel and look
  3. charging outlet is a nice bonus
  4. money is not a limitation as this is expected to be a once in a long while expense
thanks in advance!