Question Laptop battery stopped taking charge and now it doesn't stay on while plugged in?


Jun 2, 2014
I have an Acer Travelmate P2. It was totally normal, the battery seemed healthy, it was taking and holding charge with no issues. Then one day it stopped holding any charge yet being plugged in and the laptop recognises that it's plugged in and trying to charge. This has lasted for around 2-4 weeks. I don't use the laptop as much so I didn't get around to fixing it and could live with just using the wire all the time.

Now, even when plugged in, the laptop will shut down after 5 minutes of being on. I have tried to do a windows update but it won't stay on long enough to download all the files + I've turned off auto updates so need to find the right policy to change that back and that'll take me some time.

I would try other avenues to troubleshoot before posting here but without being able to use the laptop for more than a couple minutes I'm really not sure what to do.

I use the OEM charging cable and it seems functional - but haven't checked with another laptop as i don't have access to another. I have tried multiple wall outlets and I still have the same issue.

Win 10, gen 8 i5, standard RAM etc.