Question Laptop Battery Wear

Aug 3, 2021
I bought a used laptop about 2 years ago. Its battery wasn't the greatest, it only lasted about 1.5-2 hours. However, starting from a year ago, a problem started to gradually appear.

It first started by the cpu speed not exceeding 0.94 GHz when my battery's capacity is from 80% to 100% during charging. This meant that I wasn't able to do anything during this phase, since my laptop was brutally slowed down. After the complete charging, the cpu speed would return to normal, and the laptop would run smoothly again.

Then, the situation got worse, and now, my laptop will only last around 5 minutes unplugged, and when charging, the same slow cpu problem would persist with the sole difference being that when the charging led light turns off indicating that it charged, the laptop would hibernate, and when I turn the laptop on, the slow cpu problem would vanish.

Are these occurrences an indication that my laptop battery is slowly dying, or is there anything I can do to solve this problem?