Question Laptop beeps and shuts down after 1 minute during use

Mar 25, 2020
My computer still works and I’m able to use it, but randomly it will start beeping once my laptop begins beeping, it does one long beep repeatedly for 1 minute exactly before it shuts down completely. The first time booting back up, it beeps at the windows login screen and goes for one minute before shutting down. Second and every time after wards, it starts beeping 2 seconds after it’s powered on and shut down 1 minute after that.

I’m able to use my laptop again after waiting 30+ minutes before turning it on again. This lasts until whenever the beeping decides comes back.

I’ve checked some online guides and it says my POST code is a RAM issue.

Solutions I’ve tried:
  • Reseating my RAM (16x2) in all possible slot configurations
  • Reset BIOS to default
  • Run windows memory diagnostics (0 error)
  • Ran full security scan (Kaspersky total security)
  • Updated only drivers through Device Manager "Search automatically"
This issue began about 2 weeks ago out of nowhere as I was playing COD Warzone. It played fine for many days and many matches, but suddenly happened out of nowhere. Hoping it's just a software issue or somewhat easy to fix, since I'm out of the warranty.

Laptop Specs:

  • Eluktronics Clevo P95_HR
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design