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Question Laptop Blue Screen and "Preparing Automatic Repair" boot loop


Jun 21, 2018
Good Day Tom's Hardware Laptop Tech Support, I am having problems on my Asus FX505GM-ES053T Notebook stuck on Preparing Automatic Repair and Blue Screen message "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you."

The scenario happened is that my laptop is in idle and I am not doing anything when I start it then after twenty minutes it suddenly shuts off then Blue Screen message and Preparing Automatic Repair boot loop.

I have tried the UEFI Windows 10 bootable usb to open the Advanced Startup but to no avail and tried also the on/off power to boot at Advanced Startup still I am getting the BSod and Auotmatic repair loop, tried to disable secure boot on bios and UEFI disabled and some other bios settings still having the same problem, and then i revert back the bios settings in default. Also re seat the ram and m.2 ssd but still having problems, I can only get into Bios and then the next is Asus Logo then BSod or Preparing Automatic Repair boot loop.

Is there any advise what should I do? the laptop is still in warranty, but I think it will take a month or two before I can use it again coming from warranty repair.

Thank you for hearing my story, hoping for a fix on my notebook.