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Question Laptop Boot on different drive, Stuck on Preparing Automatic Repair

Jun 20, 2020
My laptop is 4 years old. And I used it 10-12 hour a day. And lately I feel it my laptop is very hot.

Turned out it was because the cumulative dust and dried out thermal pad. Therefore I cleaned it and change the thermal pad.

Problems happen when I tried to turn it on.
1. My PC boot on Hardisk instead of SSD. So, I changed my boot priority to SSD in UEFI.

2. I tried again and this time blue screen showed up with "inaccessible boot drive"

3. I tried to disable my Hardisk Sata Port. It's Stuck on Preparing Automatic Repair

4. I tried to re-enable my Sata Port which has Hardisk in it. It brought me to troubleshoot?

5. When I typed "dir c:" on command in troubleshoot>advance option> command prompt. I realized that my Hardisk become partition C while my SSD become partition D.

6. I restarted my laptop again. Pressed F12 this time I tried to manually boot on my SSD but now it's stuck on "Preparing Automatic Repair" for a day.

What did I do wrong?
Can someone give any solution?
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