Question Laptop Built-In Display is black

Nov 2, 2021
Hey guys, I turn myself to this forum because I have no idea what to do next. My Asus GL703GE laptop built in display is black and seems like there's no way to fix it. The screen has no backlight and is black even in BIOS.

I opened up the laptop, unplugged the HDD & SSD, changed RAM slot, changed RAM stick, ordered new screen and new screen cable, unplugged power adapter, unplugged WiFi card, unplugged speakers, unplugged battery, unplugged CMOS battery. Tried installing Windows updates. Changed HDD's OS to Ubuntu, no luck.

I can't unplug CPU or GPU because they're soldered on the mobo. Laptop always uses Intel Integrated Graphics card instead of 1050 Ti. Tried enabling it in the nvidia control panel but generic pnp monitors keep using the integrated graphics. No option to change GPU in bios. I tried resetting graphics using CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+B but still no luck. I also reinstalled all drivers.

When extending screen projection, the laptop screen is detected in display settings, the mouse moves over to the built-in display but I obviously can't see it. Cable and screen connectors also seem fine because my webcam is connected using the same connector/cable and it works.

I swear I've ran out of ideas. Usually, it would mean a broken LCD or LCD cable but I've replaced both and know they work. I also know it can't be software related because even with no hard drive plugged in, I can't see the BIOS unless I use an external display.

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?

Possible that the traces on the motherboard to the display cable went bad. Super uncommon though. You have done excellent troubleshooting so far. If it is in fact a motherboard issues the only solution is to replace the motherboard.

hopefully someone else can weigh in on this issue and might have more ideas.