LAPTOP + Burner



Hello hello,
I have a new shiney laptop and would like to try to convert/use my plex 12/10/32 ide so that I can use it with the laptop.
I am looking for external power ideas ie psu.
I am looking at data transfer speeds?
Should I attempt a usb or parallel (printer) port connection?
Should I fork out for firewire?
I have looked at the freecom solution for internal drives for external uses I dont know if any good or if I could build ie connecting leads myself.

WHY u may ask am I bothering?
Well I love my burner.
I use the laptop more than the desk top, and if this works then I can use the ideas for future updates and improvments.
Perhaps an external harddrive.
I know that there r burners out there design to be used with laptops but wholely smoke, they cost an arm and a leg!
And like I said "i love the plex!"

Many many thanx...



There are around there some cases which USB connection which are intended to be used with a CD-ROM drive.

I don't know if the Plextor would work, anyway, you just could burn at 4x because of the slow transfer rate for USB drives.

And remember it would be slow regardless of which machine you connect it to - and you didn't buy the plextor to burn at 4x, did you?

If you need to burn just occasionally, get a cheapo burner (4x or slower) and the usb case.



So u think that I am better off with a cheapo burner?


How about trying to get hold of one of those cheaky little PCMCIA or CardBus IDE card?

Would this increase my data output range and perhaps even give me more opportunity for future upgrades?

U see I sort of fancy that cheaky little new PLEX 16... but, can u buy one with SCSI interface (I heard SCSI is quicker and more stable?)

What do u think?

Can u buy these cards?

Many thanx for the the feed back...
I am looking for a solution and a purchase within the next week.

If I can get hold of a SCSI card then I will try for a new burner.

Again many thanx



Well, as others have said, you certainly aren't going to have the speed through a usb connection to burn at better than 4x, and *maybe* 8x if you were lucky. So that leaves firewire, but that's an expensive proposition. But if you are interested, recently ran an article about putting together an external firewire hardrive from a standard internal drive, but it looked like a pain, and expensive! I know you love your drive, but, if I were you, I would sell that one on ebay (it'll probably still pull in almost $200) and buy a new firewire drive, you can get 16x10 drives for well under $400 now, probably cheaper than cobbing together something with the plextor, or you can find 12x10 ones in the sub $300 range. Anyhow, thats my 2cents, FWIW.