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Question Laptop came with two GPUs but only one is detected ?

Feb 1, 2021
So i bought a gaming laptop as i am travelling and needed something to play games on
The graphics card is a RTX 2070 and i ran a benchmark test and that is not the graphic card that popped up... A intel HD graphics card popped up and it said it was "terrible" for gaming. I was wondering if all my games have been running on this graphics card and not the RTX 2070 that i want it to run on for better frame rate.

Anyone know how to fix this? and will i have to open up the laptop because i dont think that is possible as it is locked.
it should be somewhere in gpu driver settings, related to power management, low power - intel gpu, high power - nvidia
u can also check windows app settings, there should be configurable which app will use high power gpu and which will stick with low power one


Dec 14, 2014

So lets check a couple things.

1. Launch The Nvidia Control Panel (This can be done by right clicking on your desktop and selecting the application. Check the System Information tab and let me know if it shows your 2070.

2. Let us know what model laptop you have, if it is Asus you should go into the ROG Center (should be a dedicated button on your keyboard) and make sure that Nvidia Optimus mode is turned off.

3. Launch a game, I think in modern games you can select which card you want to use to run the games.

4. Download GeForce Experience and download any drivers they ask you to.