Question LAPTOP can't connect to Internet Wireless, help me (P)lease??


Dec 31, 2007
I can't use my LAPTOP for a Tele-Health Appoinment due to it not working wireless.

MY LAPTOP is running Windows 7 and will not connect to the Internet and I have tried all the 'troublshooting' Windows has built in. TOSIBA claims and shows wireless 'points' but will never sllow a connection much less Internet access. What am I doing wrong?
Details of LAPTOP

Brand: TOSHIBA Satellite
Model C655D-S5057
PART: PSC16U-01G010

ROUTER: Linksys WRT54G

Internet Service: 300 Mb/s up and down.

IF I buy a USB plugged in Wireless Adapter would this allow this LAPTOP to then use Wireless/WIFI connection to the Internet?

If yes then what would be a good one to buy for my needs?
What am I doing wrong?
Running an outdated OS.

How long ave the problem persisted?

Have you done any changes either to the computer itself or your home network that may have caused the issue?

Have you checked that there is a ON/OFF switch for the WiFi card that may actually stay in OFF position (have actually happens to me a couple of times) ?

Is this a problem for other WiFi devices on the same network, or only this computer ?