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Question Laptop Charger keeps disconnecting when playing games ?!


Oct 7, 2016
Hello all.
I've been used to play some games casually on my lenovo laptop (not sure of the exact model name) but it came with an i7 6500u and R7 m360, it was enough for me to play games like csgo at low with around 100fps.
Until yesterday when windows 10 started popping alerts saying that the battery is low while the charger is plugged in (this only happened when I'm gaming) and I noticed through the charging icon in windows that it's not stable: charges then stops then charges etc..
Also I got another charger for the laptop and it's been working well the last time I tried it (like 2 weeks ago) so I tried it as well and the same problem occured.
I'm really out of ideas here guys since the problem came with 2 charges in the same time, I'm starting to think that the problem is from the laptop itself; but where could it be..
So any suggestion would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.