Question Laptop charger pin giving me slight electrical shocks ?

Nov 9, 2021
I have a 2 year old lenovo legion Y540 (i5 9300h gtx 1650 16gb ram) Today I used the laptop plugged in, in the morning and in the afternoon, I didn't have any problem, but then I used it a bit in the night and when I unplugged the laptop I got a very slight electric shock from the charger pin out of nowhere, like a tickling sensation the moment I touched the metallic tip, I literally didn't move the charger a centimeter, I just plugged and unplugged the pin from the laptop during the day until this weird thing happened.

The charger is new, bought it in November (it wasn't cheap, it's a 170w power brick) and I've been using it carefully. The laptop was still normal when I was using the charger, same temperatures and I didnt have any fps drop or stuttering. Is there any fix? Should I be concerned?


Any sort of electrical shock should be concerning.

If you have always been careful and handled the plug/pin in same manner then something is going wrong with the power brick.

Where was the 170W power brick purchased?

Take the power brick back and request a replacement.