Question Laptop connected to ethernet loading webpages/other internet applications unusually slow

Jul 21, 2019
A couple of days ago my internet went out for a few minutes, I assumed it was caused by the thunderstorm we had. Ever since, my laptop has been loading anything that uses internet rather slowly although its download/upload speed still seems okay after the page/application loads. For example, I can still watch a youtube video on 1080p with no buffering, it just takes the page much longer to load in comparison to before this issue (like 1 minute vs 5 seconds). Interestingly enough, all other PC's connected to ethernet as well as wireless devices on the same network are totally normal.

I have searched other threads where people have a similar issue but I have not found a solution for my problem. Someone said a program AMD Quick stream was regulating all the bandwidth, but I do not have that program installed, besides I have an Nvidia gpu. I have also reset the router, scanned for malware, rebooted my laptop many times over but nothing has fixed the issue.

Hopefully some can provide some insight or a solution to my problem, thank you in advance!


Make and model of your laptop? An SKU will help us two fold. Might want to see if uninstalling and reinstalling your network adapter's drivers changes the issue. You might also want to see if you have a BIOS update pending for your laptop.

Which OS are you running?