Question Laptop CPU Fan spins for a sec then stops, but laptop boots fine ?


Nov 5, 2013
Hello. I have acquired an old Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop that had not been used in 4-5 years.

I booted it up, it worked fine until it shut itself off. After some digging around I noticed the fan wasn't spinning, so it appears the laptop had overheated. I opened it up and noticed that every time I power it up the fan spins for half a second and then stops, never to start again. Initially I changed the OS, but the problem remained. I bought a replacement fan, same thing happened. I updated the BIOS but still nothing.

The laptop works 100% in all regards. I have booted multiple operating systems, used programs etc.

The fan is the only thing that seems not to work, causing the laptop to overheat. I must also note the battery is dead and I have unplugged it, the laptop works on external power.

I am dumbfounded. If this was a motherboard error I would expect it to cause more trouble. The problem seems to only affect the fan. The fact that it spins up for a second before the system POSTs means that the fan is receiving power, so the connector works as well. What do you guys think I should check next?

Apr 2, 2023
I have a couple of these I use regularly. They're nice laptops for Linux. Check your temperatures in Windows with something like Core Temp or CPU ID HW Monitor. My fans come on at >40C and it takes a few minutes from a cold start to get over 40C. You will not find anything in the bios related to CPU fan.