Laptop Cpu in a desktop?


Sep 25, 2004
Ok so i just bought a pentium 4 3.2 northwood off ebay for 200$ canadian, my only concern is that i wont be able to use it in my desktop because it was pulled from a laptop, when i checked the intel site with its spec(SL6WG) the only thign different it seems to say is this after 478 pin PPGA FC-PGA2 instead of just ppga. anyone have any experience with this?


Former Staff
Uh, d00d, all Socket 478 chips are FC-PGA2. Most 3.2's in Laptops are actually Desktop processors. Does Intel even make a Laptop version (P4-M) of the 3.2?

Anyway, there is such a thing as a P4-M (I've never seen one at 3.2GHz though), it has more than one multiplier setting, so the speed and voltage can be dynamically adjusted in a laptop to save power. In a desktop, the P4-M will default to the lower multiplier.

Chances are the processor you're getting is a Desktop CPU unless the documentation at Intel says otherwise.

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