Question Laptop crashed and won't start anymore

Jan 31, 2021

Pict. 1


Pict. 2


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Hello everyone,

after a series of unfortunate PC breakdowns it also hit my laptop yesterday.

I was working on it when it suddenly went into a bluescreen (p. 1). After restarting it went into the same bluescreen but this time with some more features (p. 2).

That's been the last picture displayed on the screen.

I tried to start it once again, but the power button would only light up for a second and then go off again.

After a short breakdown (this is the third PC I lost this week, first my desktop PC, then my server and now this one - possibly I will add a thread for the others soon) I opened the device and recognized a droplet of water on the battery contacts. Maybe I spilled something while watering the plants? I can't remember.

There is no obvious damage on the rest of the device.

So I decided to let it dry completely until today.

Today I uninstalled the mainboard and reinserted it to be sure there was no humidity left under it and tried to start it once again. This time the power button did light up for several (~6) seconds and the light on the caps lock key started blinking. Then it shut down again. The display stayed black.

The PCs warranty ran out 15 days ago.

It's an HP Pavilion 15z-cw100.

Pictures of the errors and the inside are attached.

Thank you for any advice or hint on what to do to recover its function. If you need any more information, I'm at your disposal!

Best regards

Jan 31, 2021
Thanks for the advice.
Unfortunately, it was not able to boot into the BIOS before. But when I started it with an Ubuntu USB, it just started normally again - after being dead for almost 40h!
I shut it down again immediately to prevent further damage and left it to dry even longer. I hope it's save again tomorrow - I'll update you, weather it worked or not.