Question Laptop crashes after installing GPU driver ?


Jun 17, 2021
Hi! I have an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52, almost 4 years old, and it crashes after I install any new Nvidia driver. It has no problems with the driver from the manufacturer site, but it's so outdated (2018).

Tried uninstalling the driver with DDU and install the new version, but it didn't work. Game crashes, MSI Afterburner freezes/ not showing GPU (used for the temps, no OC was made, ever) and lots of BSODs.

The problem started when my GPU (GTX 1050 Ti) stopped working properly, meaning that it ran at 700Mhz, causing stuttering and lag, so I did a BIOS reflash. Frequency problem's gone, but now I have problem with the driver.

Any suggestions? :)
First thing I'd do is make sure there aren't any newer motherboard BIOS releases for your laptop available from Acer. If there are, then I'd update to the latest BIOS version for your laptop and try the Nvidia drivers again. You are going to need to know the full, accurate model number for your laptop though, and what you listed above isn't it. That is only a partial model number. You need to know the full model number and any submodel information as well. Usually this is on a sticker located on the back of the laptop or on a sticker underneath the battery in the battery compartment.
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