Laptop Crashes while playing games.

Feb 8, 2019
So I bricked my laptop battery the other day. As soon as I unplug it, it turns off completely with a beep, no blue screen, nothing. When plugged, it says battery 55% available, plugged in and charging. Now the real problem - whenever I start any game, after about a minute or two fps starts dropping and the laptop crashes, no bluescreen, nothing. Just a complete turn off with a beep and capslock blinks about 3 times.

Then I found this handy software called Throttlestop. Using this I was able to Disable Turbo, BDPROCHOT, SpeedStep and C1E. I know these terms are somwhow related to the processor clock modulation or something like that. So this allows me to game about a hour or two before the laptop crashes again, same as before with a beep and caspslock blinking about 3 times.

Now this only happens when gaming. Since, I can play games with Throttlestop on, I guess my GPU is not the problem. Other things on the laptop work just fine.

Any Help will be really appreciated.

Also this is my first post on any forum so tell me if I missed out anything.



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