Laptop Crashing and BSOD


Dec 20, 2009

Over the last two months or so, my laptop has become increasingly slow and problematic. The change from it working fine to being problematic was however very noticeable, as my laptop always worked flawlessly, so when it began acting up, i noticed immediately.

Symptoms : slow to load ANYTHING. For example opening chrome loads for about 30seconds. Opening any folder, it takes about 10seconds of loading. Even sometimes if I right click on something, it loads for about 10seconds to open the context menu.

Yesterday, a new problem developed. When clicking hibernate, it instead logs out, and then from the login screen I have to click hibernate/shutdown etc. to get the thing to switch off. Then, when turning the laptop on, it simply skips the login screen and logs straight into my account! (my account is password protected). Today, I have experienced three reboots while simply doing some word processing and internet browsing. The third time, i got the blue screen error.

I have ran antivirus checks, malwarebytes and defragged.

Please advise me on what the next steps are in trying to identify the problem?

Thank you in advance

First thing I would do is run chkdsk /r on the hard drive.
Also, if HD msg has diagnostic software, run it.
Then I would run the system file checker (sfc /scannow.
Then I would do a repair install of the operating system.